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Loose or leaking plumbing fixtures can cause major damage to your home or business, as well as waste thousands of gallons of water each year.  While age can contribute to the wear and tear of fixtures, other causes may be present. We will assess your home’s plumbing to address the root cause of failure and provide the highest quality service, repair, and replacement.

Kitchen & Lavatory Faucets

A dripping faucet can waste more than 2,000 gallons of water per year.  Homes that have excessive water pressure and/or hard water may also experience more problems. We have multiple solutions to help, including repairing damaged faucets or replacing them with high quality materials. We can also install whole home water filtration systems that can help to extend the life of all your home’s plumbing.

We also recommend checking the water pressure in the home, if it is too high, a water pressure reducing valve can help and will reduce leaking fixtures in the future.

Shower Heads

Hard water is one of the leading causes of failing showerheads. It can also lead to leaking pipes behind the walls and eventually cause water damage and mold growth. We can help locate the leak and make the best repair.

If you want to upgrade your showerhead to a high efficiency water savings fixture, we can help without sacrificing water pressure. Quality manufacturers are making great products with extensive features, including rain like functions and even aromatherapy. Upgrading your shower head can instantly transform your morning routine to a spa like experience.


Toilets can leak inside of the tank from a worn flapper or flush valve, from the toilet into the tank, and at the base. While running toilets are easy to identify by the sound, slow leaks from the toilet tank into the bowl can cost just as much water and go on for months before being noticeable.

We can replace flappers and flush valves in no time to restore your services. If the leak is at the base, we can determine if it is a main sewer line problem, or if the flange needs replaced.

Small hairline cracks can also occur from tightening bolts too much or age and cannot be repaired. A toilet can also lose flush power due to calcium deposits inside of the toilet drain. Sometimes, an acid treatment can restore flow, but most often a brand-new toilet will solve the problem permanently. Our team can provide a new toilet to fit your budget and match the look of your bathroom.

Garbage Disposals

  • Some common disposal problems may include:

    • Humming sound when it is turned on
    • Blades do not turn
    • Leaking or jammed
    • It drains slowly

    If the disposal hums and nothing happens, the motor could be blown meaning it would have to be replaced. If it is humming, but the blades won’t turn, it could be jammed inside of the disposal or need a reset. Disposal leaks often mean a seal is broken somewhere in the disposal of kitchen drain and will typically require replacement.

    We offer 24/7 emergency diagnosis services and are committed to solving your problems with the highest quality materials and workmanship.   

    For the expert plumbing fixture repairs, service, and new installations in Riverside County and the surrounding areas, call our experts today at (760) 662-8680 or submit an online contact form.

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Michael Jensen was extremely helpful and professional. He explained every detail about the work that needed to be done and gave great tips on keeping my a/c unit running more efficiently. Would highly reccomend Precision One to any of my family or friends. Great experience

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Travis was very knowledgeable and made sure that we were 100% satisfied. Got the work done very quickly and in the same day. Definitely would use him again!

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Dave was very knowledgeable on everything that needed to be fixed. Knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family. Great work!!

-Roman Ortega

Dave fixed my water turn off knob under toilet. Job was done quick and gave really good recommendations on other stuff I needed. Customer service excellent!! I will use their services again for sure. Thank you Dave great rep for company.

-Andrew Weghorst

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