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In case of frequent sewer problems on your property, or when you are purchasing a new home, investing in a sewer camera inspection can help in properly diagnosing the cause and providing the ideal solution. 

Our team has extensive training in diagnosing and troubleshooting even the trickiest drain issues, and we can offer the highest quality repair. 

In Depth Sewer Camera Inspections 

We use the most advanced pipe inspection equipment to handle to handle any scale of sewer inspection. Through our camera inspection technology, we conduct a clear and high-resolution sewer line inspection, including pipes underground, under foundation and under landscaping. 

Through our drain camera inspection, we carefully examine the pipe walls and drain lines in real-time on a hand-held video transmission monitor. This helps us assess the interior condition of sewage and drain lines. We can see any problem or issue instantly.

The drain camera has special radio transmitters that not only detect the sewer issue, but also detect and record the depth and precise location of the problem inside the drain. Based on this information, we can recommend and take suitable action to resolve the issue.

After resolution of the sewer problem, we conduct a follow-up sewer camera inspection to ensure that the issue is resolved correctly to your satisfaction.

When do You Need Sewer Line Camera Inspection Services?

  • Roots – Roots are one of the most common issues that cause damage to main sewer drains. They grow towards the nutrients found in the sewer and can easily find their way in through small seams in clay pipes, and small breaks in cast iron drains. Once they enter the pipe, they continue to grow and cause major damage. Sewer camera inspections allow us to determine the level of root intrusion and the ideal repair, including hydro jetting. 

  • Prior to the Rainy Season – We don’t get much rain in Southern California, but most properties still have landscaping and area drains to handle storm waters and irrigation runoff. Since these drains are exposed, they become clogged with dirt, rocks, and debris. The only way to accurately view an area drain is through a camera inspection. It is best to inspect the line if heavy rain is expected, as blocked drains can overflow and flood yards and even home. 

  • Obstruction – When drain snaking hits hard blockages it could mean heavy scale buildup, a break in the line or an object causing frequent backups. A sewer camera inspection can help determine what is happening inside of the drain causing problems. 

  • New Home Inspections – Before purchasing a new home, every potential buyer should invest in a sewer camera inspection. Typical home inspections only cover visibly accessible plumbing problems. A camera inspection will alert new homeowners to potential issues that may cost money in the future.  

Our sewer line camera inspection allows us to provide repair to ensure that your sewer remains problem free and save you from potential damage. By understanding exactly what is happening in the drain and where, we can take swift action to help restore your services.

For the best sewer camera inspections in Riverside County and the surrounding areas, call our experts today at (760) 662-8680 or submit an online contact form.


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