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Your electrical panel is perhaps the single most important part of your electrical system. Your panel’s responsibility is to take the incoming voltage from your main electrical connection and then distribute it around your home to where it’s needed. It’s also responsible for dividing up the current and separating the various plugs and devices in your home into different circuits, ensuring that one small electrical problem doesn’t take your entire home offline.

Today, panels are home to the many various circuit breakers which act as the safety shutoff switches for these various circuits. However, older panels that are still present in many older homes may still run on fuses, which need to be changed every time one blows. Not only are these panels less safe than their circuit-breaker successors, but they’re also more of a hassle to deal with. That means you could benefit from having your entire electrical panel replaced by our skilled Beaumont electricians, and you should call Precision One Services to find out more!

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Need a New Electrical Panel?

Updating an electrical panel is a service which requires considerable experience and skill, as it involves handling high amounts of voltage. Skilled electricians have the tools and training to do so safely as well as the attention to detail that enables them to ensure your new panel is wired correctly and your home is in good, safe hands. A modern panel is packed with safety features that are designed to keep you and your home safe from electrical faults, and it’s important to make sure your panel is installed correctly in order to make sure these features are working properly.

You may need a new electrical panel if:

  • Your home still runs on a fuse box
  • Your electrical panel is from Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric
  • Your panel is more than three decades old
  • You’re frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Your panel emits a high-pitched hum or ringing noise

Why Choose Precision One Services?

When you need your panel replaced, turn to the name customers have trusted for years by reaching out to Precision One Services. Our Beaumont electricians are friendly and knowledgeable, having undergone extensive training to make sure that they can offer you the best services available with modern technology. All of the products we install are from premium name brands for the best results, and we’re thorough in our methods to ensure that they are correctly configured and your home has the best in safety and security. We want to help you keep your lights on and electricity flowing as reliably as possible, and that’s why we offer service quality which we would demand from someone servicing our own home.

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