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Summer Electrical Safety Tips Which Every Homeowner Should Follow

Electrical safety is important to be aware of year-round, yet it should be of paramount concern for homeowners during the summertime in particular. The recent slate of wildfires in California is only the latest unfortunate evidence to drive this point home, and with the state’s increased energy consumption and mounting pressure on the grid, now is the time to make sure your house is secure. Keep reading for the summer electrical safety tips which every homeowner should follow, and contact our Beaumont electrical pros at Precision One Services today to schedule an appointment.

The Top Electrical Home Safety Tips for Summer:

  • Separate Toys & Appliances from Water: If you have a pool or a sprinkler system, chances are you’re going to use them a lot more during the summer. It’s important to be cognizant of what appliances you’re using where for this reason. As a good rule of thumb, anything with a cord that is not specifically designed to be near water should be kept away from it. This goes double if you have children, who may have toys with electrical components in them.
  • Avoid Extension Cords & Power Strips: This applies to all major appliances, including washers, dryers, and refrigerators, but for this list, we’re going to focus mainly on air conditioners. Given the amount of time you are likely to spend using your AC unit in the summer, it is extremely important you do not hook it up to a power strip. The more overloaded extension cords and power strips become, the more you run the risk of shorting out your system all together, making you extremely uncomfortable, or even worse, starting a fire.
  • Keep Electrical Extensions Running Outside Grounded: When the electrical connections running to your pool or hot tub are not grounded, the cords can come unplugged easier. This may cause people to trip, or in a worst case scenario, lead to electric shock if a cord touches the water.
  • Know Where Your Circuit Breaker Is: With the greater chance of blackouts in the summer, it is key to know where your circuit breaker is. Should your system suddenly shut off, you will need to be able to locate it to turn the electricity back on. Moreover, should an emergency occur in your house, you may also want to use the circuit breaker to turn the system off.
  • Have a Professional Inspect Your System: Obviously, we’re biased about this one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea! With the increased electrical risks of summer, you should consider hiring Precision One Services for an electrical inspection. Our Beaumont, CA electricians can assess whether your home may be prone to cause fire or electric shock, and even provide new panel installation to ensure your property is as safe as possible and ready for summer!

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