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Is My Air Conditioner Making My Allergies Worse?

If you have ever wondered, “is my air conditioner making my allergies worse?”, you’re not alone. Running the AC more is pretty much a given during summer, but rest assured, you are not imagining that increased AC usage is contributing to your allergy symptoms.

Part of this has to do with the fact that the summer allergy season is just more severe in general. The increased pollen and containments from plants in the air always tend to exacerbate the condition of allergy-sufferers over the summer. The connection to your AC system has to do with indoor air quality.

While many people assume the air indoors is naturally cleaner than the air they are breathing outside, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, the indoor air quality in many buildings has been found to be worse than air affected by smog and pollution. When you turn your AC unit on, it redistributes the air in your home while making it cool, so the quality of that air plays a big part in your experience.

In the summertime, allergens can make their way into your home when you leave your windows open during the day, or even when you bring them in from outside on your clothes. It doesn’t take long for outdoor irritants like spores and pollen, not to mention allergens already present in your home like dust and dander to embed in your carpet or get lodged in your ducts. When this happens, your AC is naturally going to redistribute them throughout the air.

Fortunately, if you are finding yourself sneezing, coughing, or experiencing watery eyes whenever you run your AC this summer, there is hope. Basically, if you improve your indoor air quality, you will improve your allergy symptoms. You can do this several ways, including buying a dehumidifier or replacing the air filter in your AC, so it cuts down on contaminants better. Another great option would be to contact our Beaumont HVAC experts at Precision One Services for trusted air quality solutions.

Our Beaumont, CA HVAC techs offer options for improving your air including:

  • Air cleaners: These devices filter and remove particulates from the air before they can enter your home.
  • Air exchangers: Air exchangers pull polluted air from your house and replace it with clean, fresh, easy-to-breathe air.
  • UV light: Ultraviolet radiation can be used to kill mold, viruses, bacteria, and microbes. Setting up a UV light will help rid your air of these contaminants.

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