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Is Your Electrical Panel Safe

Is My Electrical Panel Safe?

Although you may not even know what or where it is, your panel is one of the most important parts of your electrical system. An electrical panel is essentially the main power source for your entire property, distributing electricity all throughout your home or business. To that end, it’s impossible for your house or office to function properly without a working electrical panel—everything from using the microwave to making copies would be impossible! However, a working panel is not merely a matter of functionality—it’s also a matter of safety.

Your electrical panel’s circuit breakers will shut down your entire system if there is a risk of excessive current. Yet if the panel is not working correctly, there will be no way to detect this, potentially leading to disasters like electrical fires. To find out if your electrical panel is safe, you should consider calling our Beaumont electrical pros at Precision One Services. We provide top-notch services, including electrical inspections to ensure your panel’s safety.

Federal Pacific & Zinsco

If you live in a home built before the 1980s, your electrical panel may at a much higher risk of malfunctioning. This is not just because your equipment is older. From the 1950s through the ‘70s, millions of homes in America were powered by Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco electrical panels. These brands were extremely common, yet by the end of the ‘70s and into the ‘80s, it became evident that something was seriously wrong with them. Zinsco and FPE panels started fires, caused electrical shocks, and posed a general hazard to many homeowners who were unfortunate enough to have one in their house.

Although these panels are no linger being manufactured, there quite a few homes across the country that are still powered by old Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electric panels—in most cases, without the homeowners even knowing. Not only is this a bad thing for your house because of the obvious danger to you and your family, FPE and Zinsco panels also put you at risk of not passing a building inspection, meaning your insurance company may not cover you even if something bad does happen to your home.

Call Precision One Services to Have Your Electrical Panel Replaced Today

If your house is 40-years-old or older, check your closets or basement to look for the electrical panel. If you find out it was made by Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric, make sure to call our Beaumont electricians right away. Precision One Services is proud to provide electrical panel installation to help ensure your family always stays safe and your lights always stay on.

For information on panel installation or to schedule service, just call (760) 276-5186. You can also send us a message online to learn more about what Precision One Services can do for you.