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Keeping Your Plumbing System Safe From Pets

How to Protect Your Plumbing System from Your Pets

Everyone loves pets. Dogs, cats, and other household animals can brighten up your day, and become a cherished part of your household. Yet as many longtime homeowners already know, pets and plumbing do not make a great combination. In order to keep your beloved family pet safe and your plumbing system damage-free, it is a good idea to take a few simple preventative steps. Keep reading to learn how to protect your plumbing system from your pets, and don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Beaumont plumbers at Precision One Services.

The Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing from Pets:

  1. Always Keep the Toilet Closed: This already is something that’s good to do, just out of common courtesy. However, it’s additionally important if you have a curious pet around. Not only does drinking toilet water cause a nasty mess, but the chemicals in your toilet can easily make that thirsty pup or curious cat sick. On top of this, larger dogs and other big animals can damage the toilet bowl by getting on top of it. So keep that water dish full, and keep your toilet lid closed.
  2. Cover Exposed Pipes: Because pets love to chew, it’s best to cover exposed pipes and wires. Not only could a pipe that gets bitten all the way through cause damage to your house, the ensuing burst could also result in a trip to the vet for your pet. Talk to a skilled plumber about the best ways to cover up exposed pipes, and always know where exposed pipes and wires are throughout your home.
  3. Wash Your Pets Outside: For dogs and cats that shed, washing them inside can end up clogging your drains with mounds of hair. Washing them outside, either with a hose or in a tub, prevents all that hair from causing major blockages in your plumbing system. If you do not have the space to wash your pets outside, you should at least purchase a drain stopper, to prevent as much fur from entering your system as possible.
  4. Don’t Let Your Dog Dig Up the Yard: We understand that it may be your dog’s natural instinct to dig, but if they go too far down, they could hit a pipe. The resulting harm to your sewer system, and potentially to your dog, could be devastating. Try to curb this behavior in your pooch, and if you can’t, make sure to at least find out where the piping in your yard is.
  5. Don’t Flush Cat Litter: This goes for all pet products, but since cat litter is used for waste, it’s particularly applicable. Cat owners occasionally think this is okay, but the hard chunks in kitty litter are terrible for your plumbing system, which is to say nothing of the hair that usually gets trapped along with them.

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